Payment verification

0107_security Created with Sketch. As a financial institution, we take our regulatory obligations very seriously, and we must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In this case, we are required to verify the true recipient of any international transfer and ensure that our customers are protected from potential financial crimes, such as money laundering and terrorism financing.
In light of this, we kindly request that you provide us with additional information to complete the necessary verification process. The specific details required may depend on the specific compliance concern at hand.
We understand that this may be inconvenient for you, and we apologize for any disruption this may have caused. However, we must prioritize compliance with relevant laws and regulations to protect our customers and ensure the integrity of our financial system.
Please note that the requirement for additional verification is in compliance with relevant legal requirements and regulations, such as those outlined in the EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We are committed to providing you with excellent service and ensuring that your financial needs are met.